Process Server Near Me


We provide nationwide service of process of the following documents:

  • Subpoena & Lawsuit Papers
  • Small Claims Papers
  • Divorce Papers
  • Child Custody Papers
  • Restraining Orders
  • Eviction Papers

Who Do You Serve Documents To:

Process Server Lance Casey States "We serve documents daily to people at home or work, law firms, corporations and their registered agents, state government offices and local businesses."


How Much Does a Process Server Near Me Cost?

Our Nationwide Service of Process Rate is $250 & Up.

Why would I have to pay higher than $250?  You will have a higher rate for multiple serves at the same address, total number of pages of your documents is over 100, difficult to serve, stake out, ect.

Do Process Servers Work Weekends?

Our process server work 7 days a week.  Serving legal documents on Saturday or Sunday usually results in us catching more people at home.  We also serve documents early in the morning and in the evenings after 5pm.  You will not get this from the local sheriffs department civil division.

How To Order Service of Process?

Complete The Form Below.  Have a question?  Call us at (800) 762-1792.